Summer School 2022 grading results

Congratulations to Chris and Graham for success in their gradings at Summer School this year – advancing to san-dan (3rd-dan) and yon-dan (4th-dan) when the certificates are delivered. Thanks to Carolina, James and Phil for taking ukemi for us.

Congratulations go to everyone else in the yudansha grading session, including people we know well: Jim from Southampton and Lindon from London, both also attaining yon-dan. Vanilla from Bristol was successful in her ikkyu (1st-kyu) grading.

We have had an excellent week, this year being the first Summer School in three years, following COVID. For the first time ever, one of the dojos was air conditioned.

It has been a pleasure to enjoy instruction from Kanazawa Sensei, and the other senior B.A.F. instructors. We have enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with many old friends we haven’t seen for a while.

Happy in the air conditioned Small Hall after the gradings
Chris with Carolina, one of his uke.
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