Course with Colman Glynn – Greenwich, 21 Sept

On 21 September, two Oxford club members attended a course with Colman Glynn (6 Dan, Shidoin) at the dojo in Greenwich.

The instruction emphasised how uke should respond to techniques. We focused on staying relaxed and not conflicting with tori‘s actions, while still maintaining balance and posture. This gentle approach did not mean we were taking it easy. Gentle aikido is still dynamic, and taking 200 falls in an afternoon is always a good workout! The course ended with a grading for 4th and 2nd Kyu.

We highly recommend attending the Greenwich courses if you can. Although the dojo is in East London, travel from Oxford is easy and inexpensive. The dojo is large with good mats, offering enough space for everyone to participate fully. These courses are an excellent opportunity to gain experience from a senior BAF instructor and meet fellow Aikido enthusiasts, with visitors from Bristol and Glastonbury also joining the course.

The next Greenwich course is on Saturday 23 November. Speak to an instructor if you are interested in attending and would like to travel as a group.

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