Results from the weekend – 18 March

What a terrific event! 😀 Big crowd, good vibes, & superb instruction at historic grading..

What a fabulous day with the club showing wonderful support for those grading. Nearly 20 people on the mat, and that with some of our keenest members away!

Group photo of everyone present for the Saturday morning practice and grading (except photographer!)
A snapshot of the practice

This special grading event was run by Andy King (5th Dan) and Gudrun Rieck (4th Dan) invited down from Anglesey. Andy gave a great class focussing on flow and flexibility in techniques demonstrating enviable ukemi.

When everyone was fully warmed up the formal grading began with Andy and Gudrun and Nick sitting as the Grading committee. With Steve, Gemma, Marco aiming for 5thkyu, Baha for 4th, Pavel for 3rd and Brian for 2nd the scene was set, ably supported by Angel and Steph as extra Ukes. As the complexity of techniques called out increased, the lower grades moved off the mat leaving Brian and Pavel to complete the rather gruelling challenge. A non-trivial test of both technical competence and physical fitness. With all gradees returning to the mat to finish with Suwari-waza Kokyu-ho the event was complete.

Of course all achieved their goals having been so well prepared by Chris and the class finished with a final triumphant picture.

Charles and Gudrun in the dojo

It was great that club stalwart Charles was also in the Dojo to be part of the success.

All then moved to the Café to relax, drink coffee and share stories.

Relaxed and happy in the café after the gradings.

A great day for Oxford Aikikai seeing the Dojo buzzing with more people than it has seen for many years. This grading was the largest Oxford Grading in its History!

Congratulations are well deserved for those who put themselves through the grading and to all who attended. But also thanks to all club members who have supported and are supporting the club so strongly and making it such a fun place to train 👍

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